City plan

The City plan work consists of three sections: the vision, the City plan map and the implementation programme.

  1. Vision 2050 is a long-term land use target condition extending to 2050. Vision work is founded on the idea of Helsinki as a network city of rail traffic with an expanding strong main centre – the city centre. The vision also examines Helsinki as part of the region and the network of European big cities.
  2. The City plan map and its markings guide City planning until approximately 2030, or until a new City plan is drawn up. The accuracy of the plan map will be determined during the planning. The City plan description includes large amounts of clarifying material. The description contains information on the reasons for and effects of the plan’s solutions. The description involves clarifying material.
  3. The implementation plan proposes how to reach the goals of the City plan. It also defines the implementation schedule and order of the City plan. It can specify the order of local detailed planning, for example.

The City Planning Committee has approved the drawing up of a new Helsinki City plan as part of the City Planning Department’s action plan for 2012–2014. The Implementation Programme for Housing and the Related Land Use 2012 approved by the City Council in September 2012 states that Helsinki will draw up a City plan during the next council term. City planning is guided by the Land Use and Building Act, national land use plans and the regional plan.

How does planning proceed?

Various reports and studies have already been completed for the 2012 planning. At the end of 2012, this participation and evaluation plan and the considerations and work programme for City planning will be discussed by the City Planning Committee. Then, the plans will be made publicly available. The City plan’s Vision 2050 and various land use plans will be drawn up in 2013. The first version of the City plan map, the City plan draft, will be prepared based on these documents. The goal is to have the vision processed by the City Planning Committee during 2013. The target schedule for processing the plan draft is 2014.

In 2014, the City plan draft will be refined into a City plan proposal based on the feedback received on the plan draft, effect evaluations, reports, etc. An implementation programme for the plan will also be drawn up. According to current estimates, the City plan proposal will be ready for processing by the City Planning Committee in 2015 and processing by the City Council during 2016.

Where can I get information?

All information connected to the City plan will be put on this website at The website contains material and updates on the progress of the planning with up-to-date information on sessions and events. All the documents of the project can be found on the City Planning Department website at in the section ‘Plans on the map’.

The materials that are on display are also available on the City Planning Department website’s section ‘Current plans. The display times are also announced in newspaper advertisements in the publications currently approved by the City Council (Helsingin Sanomat, Hufvudstadsbladet and Metro). If necessary, local newspapers that are published in different neighbourhoods can also be used.

Newspaper advertisements can also be published on events and discussion sessions connected to the City plan. Information on sessions and events will also be published on the City Planning Department’s Facebook page at

More information on planning is available in the planning report that is published each spring. Current information is available from interaction planners or the planners who are preparing the City plan, who may be contacted by telephone or e-mail.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is interested can participate in preparing the City plan. The Land Use and Building Act specifies that the involved parties include people who own or hold land in the planning area and the affected area, residents, housing co-operatives and real estate companies, businesses and self-employed persons operating in the area and people who work in the area, in effect everyone whose life or work might be significantly affected by the plan. Other involved parties include organisations, associations and communities that operate in the area as well as the officials with whose field the plan intersects. Involved parties include:

  • Residents, people who work in the area, students
  • Businesses
  • Residents’ associations and other non-governmental organisations
  • Various other communities
  • Departments and institutions of the City of Helsinki
  • Helsinki Region joint municipal authorities
  • Neighbouring municipalities and the other municipalities of the Helsinki region
  • State authorities
  • Other officials and public communities.

More information:

Helsinki City Plan – Statement of Community Participation and Involvement in the City Plan process – How the City Plan is drawn up and how you can participate? (pdf)