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The Pearls of Helsinki -survey maps the joys of urban life

What makes the urban environment an attractive place to live? What are the joys of urban life and where are they located? What kind of environment is pleasant from the citizen’s point of view?

The aim of the Pearls of Helsinki -survey is to map what kind of urban amenities dwellers of Helsinki appreciate the most. These amenities can be, for instance, services or characteristics of the environment.

The respondents have a possibility to locate pearls and estimate what places or amenities could be the future urban pearls in Helsinki and their neigbourhood. Pearls have been divided into three differents categories according to their features. The features are funtional, aesthetic and social quality.

The survey will take approximately 5 minutes depending on how many locations the respondent wants to map. The citizens can answer to the survey until June 11th, 2017 in

The Helsinki City Planning Department’s survey has been made in cooperation with the students of the Urban Experience -course at Aalto University. The results will be used for city planning purposes.

Help us to find the pearls of Helsinki and create new ones!

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