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City plan proposal proceeds to decision-making

The Helsinki City Planning Committee has made a decision on the revised proposal for a new Helsinki city plan and recommends to the City Board that the proposal be approved. The final decision on the plan will be made by the City Council in the autumn 2016.

The city plan is a strategic land use plan that enables the growth of Helsinki to 860,000 residents by 2050. The city plan envisions a dense city structure in which several hubs are connected by rail transport.

Roughly one-third of the new construction would be located on city boulevards in the expanding inner city, another one-third consisting of infill construction at rail transport hubs, and the remaining one-third in new development areas such as the Malmi airport.

Committee made changes to city plan map

The city plan map consists of squares, or pixels, corresponding to 100m x 100m areas. The main uses of these pixels are defined in the city plan. The City Planning Committee made some changes to the map, mainly involving the amount of recreational and green areas in Lauttasaari, the Central Park and Uutela in Vuosaari.

The committee made the following changes to the map:

Lauttasaari: Two inner city pixels are removed from the eastern border of the Nackapuisto park and turned partly into recreational and green areas, partly into water areas. One inner city pixel is removed from northeastern Lauttasaari from the south side of the Länsiväylä expressway, and two inner city pixels are removed from the northern side and turned into water areas.

Hämeenlinna city boulevard: The second and third inner city pixels from the north are removed and turned into recreational and green areas.

Metsäläntie road, northern side: Eight residential area pixels are removed and turned into recreational and green areas (from west to east, four of the most northern pixels and another four just below them).

Uutela channel, eastern side: Four of the most southern pixels for residential areas are removed, and the narrow stretch between the two northernmost pixels and the channel are turned into recreational and green areas.

The committee stated the following:

  • The construction of city boulevards does not require road tolls or similar charges.
  • The junctions at city boulevards are defined in connection of more detailed planning.
  • Road junctions can be interchanges (grade-separated) or intersections.
  • A separate decision will be made on the order of city boulevard implementation and on a possible phasing of implementation.
  • It must be ensured in further preparations that the valuable trout population of the Haaganpuro river is preserved.
  • It must be ensured in further preparations that the ecological corridor of the Central Park remains strong, especially in the vicinity of the Pirkkola sports park and the Maunulan Maja sports centre.
  • It must be ensured in further preparations that the Maunula cemetery is preserved as a tranquil environment for honouring the deceased.
  • Cultural sites (such as the Rastila Manor) in infill construction areas must be seen as more than just protected or preserved buildings, that is, cultural sites also include outdoor areas and other immediate environment.
  • It must be ensured in further preparations that the current activities are paid attention to in Tuomarinkylä and Kivinokka.
  • In addition to constructed parks, there must be enough forest and other green areas in their natural state.
  • There must be sufficient local recreational areas in infill construction areas.
  • The open use of waterfronts and passages on them must be secured as areas are developed.

The City Planning Committee also approved a proposal for an alteration to the section on junctions at city boulevards, to state that junction solutions are decided on together with government authorities. The committee decided not to put the city plan on further public display. The committee’s decision on the city plan was unanimous.

Official decision announcement of the City Planning Committee meeting 14.6.2016  (in Finnish)

City plan materials

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